What do the three modes mean?
The Interpersonal Mode

Interpersonal is a fancy word for - ready - communication between two people – It might be based on listening and reading – you might be shown a text and then asked to discuss it OR you might be asked to listen to something in French (radio or news broadcast, interview) and discuss it. You might be tested on what is called productive skills –that is speaking and writing that is generated or originating from your brain – speaking and writing YOU CREATE with no help from notes or written text.

The Interpretive Mode

Interpretive is another fancy word for, ready – how you interpret or understand the meaning of written and spoken stuff e.g. texts, movies, radio and television broadcasts, and speeches. Interpretation implies the ability to "read (or listen) between the lines" which requires knowledge of culture from the outset. The more one knows about the other language and culture, the greater the chances of creating the appropriate cultural interpretation of a written or spoken text. It must be noted, however, that cultural literacy and the ability to read or listen between the lines are developed over time and through exposure to the language and culture.

The Presentational Mode

The presentational mode refers to how well you WRITE AND SPEAK – how YOU YOURSELF ALONE generate writing and spoken language from within your own head – whatever you have in there – you PRESENT to the listener or the reader! Examples include the writing of reports and articles or the presentation of speeches. These examples of "one-way" writing and speaking require a substantial knowledge of language and culture from the outset, since the goal is to make sure that the listening or reading audience will really understand what you want them to understand.